Please add your favorite romantic paranormal e-book.

This is for vampires, shifters, time travel, etc.


2 Responses to Paranormal

  1. PJ Sharon says:

    FINDING BETH by Lisa Tapp
    5 stars
    Bones meets Ghost Whisperer for teens (I only put this in paranormal because YA wasn’t offered as a category, and it does have a ghost!)

    A thoroughly enjoyable young adult story, filled with heart pounding moments of suspense and a swoon-worthy romance between the main characters, childhood friends Rosetta (Ro) and Cade. With the backdrop of Virginia’s historical treasure, James Town, and the fascinating world of archaeological study, the teens are immersed in family drama, teen angst and a mystery that draws the two together. Ro finds herself searching for the wife of a dead man…his ghost begging for her help. And Cade struggles to walk the line between the future and the past. This is an entertaining and well-written book. Enjoyable for teens and adults!


  2. mdelarose says:

    MIDNIGHT DELIGHT by Cadence Denton
    5 stars
    This light paranormal is the first in her Wicked Palate series. It’s hysterical, absolutely unique, loaded with great description, a fun interplay between the Italian Contessa, a cooking vampire, and the other cast of characters, more of whom you’ll recognize if you watch the real cooking channels. I enjoyed the witty repartee between the Contessa and Rocco (herein lies a bit of conflict) He’s a vampire assassin whom she hires to kill herself, then when she discovers who he is, changes her mind. Ooops, too late.

    But this book wasn’t just funny; at one point, I actually cried. How Denton manages to deliver a fun entertaining read and still an emotional one is a mark of her talent. I can’t wait for the next one, another recognizable character in this alternate cooking network. I feel confident in recommending Midnight Delight to anyone who enjoys paranormal.


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